Alseca LLC was started in 2009 in Michigan (current location Ann Arbor area). In 2010 we opened the Bucharest, Romania office by means of Alseca Engineering. Our initial focus was providing services for the mobility industry: marketing, management, and product development / engineering.

Based on market analysis and customer requirements we evolved towards high value-add product manufacturing:

  • Complex assemblies with parts in relative motion;
  • Cost-effective & high performance hybrid structures;
  • Insert-molding based on environmental friendly metal rust protection;
  • Patent and patent-pending innovative solutions.

Today we expanded towards a global footprint supplier with vertically integrated capabilities:

  • More complex and higher value add services;
  • Functional prototype part and assembly build;
  • Tooling and assembly stations; checking fixtures development;
  • Lightweight focused part manufacturing.

General Company Data

Current operation is Industry 4.0 compliant and is structured according to ISO and IATF norms and procedures.

With an aggressive R&D budget we are pursuing further niche products aimed at providing differentiating features to the customers.

Vertical integration assures a robust quality for the entire project stages and provides further cost savings avenues.



Alseca Engineering, Romania: main office and production facility is located 15 km Northeast from Otopeni International Airport:


Current operation is Industry 4.0 compliant and is structured according to ISO9001 and IATF14949 standards.

The site consists of:

  • General offices
  • Engineering
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Tools, assembly fixtures, checking jigs
  • Part production